A single moms proud moment.


Last night, my family and I went to my nephew’s graduation at Florida Atlantic University. Graduations have a way of making you reminisce about life, where it began, the roadblocks encountered and finally, how when you look back you realize that it was all worth it.

What a wonderful and proud moment for all of us to see Chris, my nephew, walk on stage and receive his diploma, but the proudest was my sister. ย You see, she raised him as a single mom since he was 4 years old. There were times where she held three jobs just to make it and push forward in life. There were struggles and many self sacrifices but there were also many joyous times and proud moments, but in the end, she got him to the finish line just as she had planned, and now he will venture out on his own to begin his life journey and make his mark in the world.


Angie and Christopher


As customary, our evening continued with our clan having dinner and drinks, recounting the funny moments when the kids were little, telling old jokes and creating a few new ones. As a family, though we are not perfect, when it comes to supporting and encouraging one another, I can personally say that we do and we do it well.



Our evening came to an end with hugs, kisses and talks about the next gathering, knowing that it won’t be too far away. It seems that the older I get and every time my family has a celebration, I realize that it can be the last one where we are all together. I say that because I’ve learned that life changes, children move on in life, people pass away and the old saying, “Tomorrow is not promised” is very true. So appreciate today, don’t take your loved ones for granted and live your life in a way that when you look back on it, you’ll smile.

Love and Peace,


6 thoughts on “A single moms proud moment.

  1. It’s 12:23am and I just got home and read your blog. It’s beautiful. I will say as Chris”s mother that I have always believed that his birth was my proudest moment and I never imagined that I could feel even more proud today. From beginning through whatever the future may bring, I living a true love story of a mother, her child, and family. The only thing missing was my Dad. He would have been gleaming with joy. I love my family. If I could live life all over again, I would not change a single moment. I/we have been blessed and no matter how big our trials can seem I know without a single doubt that we have a much bigger and mightier God. I love you Lisa โค๏ธ

    • It was a proud moment for all of us. The kids have all grown and are their own unique person, making their own decisions, and carving out a little piece of the world to make those changes important to them. At the end of the day, you and I can look back on our lives and see how much God has blessed us even in those difficult times. Here’s to what He has in store for us next ๐Ÿ™‚

  2. Thank you for sharing this great moment in your family’s life! I am sharing in your joy & so proud of Chris, too!

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